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An expert-level fibre experience for growing businesses.
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With a guaranteed 98.5% uptime and a vast range of connectivity options.

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Get expert support that suits your business.

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Ultimate transparency with a service-level agreement.


Zoom Business is a high-speed, scalable, and cost-effective fibre solution that is designed to meet the demands of businesses in South Africa. It offers reliable connectivity for small to large enterprises, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and seamless communication.

Zoom Business is currently available in numerous locations across South Africa, with ongoing expansion efforts to reach more areas as our network grows. To determine the fibre availability in your specific area, we recommend checking our coverage map, which provides details on the options accessible to you. Stay updated as we continue to expand our reach for broader coverage.

When subscribing to our business package, an ONT router installation is necessary, which will be handled by our team at no additional cost. The specific cost of the router installation will vary based on the package you select. Rest assured, our team will ensure a seamless setup process to get you up and running with the required equipment.

The possibility of upgrading or downgrading your Zoom Business package during the contract period depends on the specific agreement with your preferred ISP. Generally, ISPs allow such changes but may impose fees. To ensure accurate information, we recommend thoroughly reviewing and understanding the terms and conditions provided by the ISP.

We offer the flexibility to replace your existing contract with a new one at your new location, provided that our services are available at the new location. This allows for seamless continuity of your Zoom Business subscription as you transition to a different office.

With Zoom Business, you can expect a maximum split ratio of 1:8 for Zoom Business Premium and 1:16 for Zoom Business Lite. This means that the network resources are shared among a limited number of users, ensuring optimal performance and minimising congestion.

SLA agreements are exclusively available for Zoom Fibre Business, ensuring that your business receives the highest level of service and support. These agreements guarantee specific performance standards and response times, providing added reliability and peace of mind for your business operations.

With Zoom Business, you can enjoy symmetrical speeds for both downloads and uploads. This means that the download and upload ratios are balanced, allowing for efficient data transfer in both directions

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