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Experience seamless connectivity on the move with Zoom Mobile. Now you can get affordable data, a free all-in-one-app, hassle-free recharge options without any contracts.

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Choose between 7-day, 30-day or expiry-free data bundles

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Non-expiring data bundles


Make calls or send SMS’s to any network at a flat rate. No bundles required – simply use your airtime, which never expires!

Voice Rates

cents per/min billed per/sec to any network.

SMS Rates

cents per SMS to any network.


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Download the Zoom Hub App to top-up, earn rewards, pay bills and lots more.

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Top-up Anywhere

Top-up in the data-free app, via USSD or via voucher at various locations.

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Affordable Data

Enjoy lower data, voice, and SMS rates without any contracts.


A data-free app that has it all

  • Free data & airtime rewards
  • Pay bills with your app wallet
  • Track your data usage
  • Top-up with data or airtime
  • Send data & airtime to friends & family
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Will I have coverage everywhere?

We run on MTN’s well-established network by using the MTN towers/infrastructure. MTN is known to have the best nationwide coverage in South Africa (Both rural and urban)

To self-RICA your Zoom Mobile SIM card, please send a WhatsApp message with the word “RICA” to the Self-Service line at 063 901 0001. You will then need to follow the steps to verify your Identity. Make sure to keep your ID/Passport and proof of address close by in case you are asked to submit these documents.

Yes, you can! Porting is a hassle-free way to switch service providers without changing your number!

Here’s how:

After you receive your Zoom Mobile SIM card and RICA it, send “Port” via WhatsApp to our Self-Service line at 063 901 0001.

Important Note: You can now insert your Zoom Mobile SIM when/before initiating the port however just remember that you still need your previous SIM active to respond to your OTP.

Yes! The Zoom Hub App is free to download and is data-free to use once downloaded!  So, you can always top-up on the app when you run out of data.

You can top-up 2 ways:

  1. Via the Zoom Hub App:
  • Log into the Zoom Hub app
  • Navigate to the Top-up screen
  • Select your data or airtime bundle
  • Select your payment method & pay
  1. Via Airtime Vouchers;
  • Purchase an airtime voucher from 1Voucher, OTT Voucher or Blu Voucher
  • Redeem your voucher via the Zoom Hub app under “vouchers”. Or redeem your voucher via USSD by dialing *136*0*vouchercode# in your phone.
  • You can then use your airtime to purchase any data or SMS bundles.

A: You can check your live data & airtime balance at any time in-app or via USSD

  • In-App: Tap on “Home” 


  • USSD: Dial *136# 

How to earn FREE data every day:



  • Tap on “Rewards”
  • Scroll down to “Earn more, have fun”
  • You can now view ads, play games, participate in promotions/competitions and complete surveys (All of these get you rewarded with FREE data!)
  • Check your “Rewards Wallet” to view your total FREE data earned
  • You can also view how and when you earned FREE data by tapping on the “Rewards History” Button
  • You can redeem your FREE rewards at any time you please (Simply tap on “Rewards Wallet”)


Your MegsPay Wallet inside your Zoom Hub App can be used to effortlessly pay bills, indulge in hassle-free marketplace purchases and experience the convenience of sending and receiving cash wherever you are. 

You can easily top-up your wallet or cash-out your balance when you need.

Just a heads-up, there’s a small fee of R1 for sending money on the Zoom Hub app. We keep it minimal for your convenience!


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